Meaning of Talmud Torah in English:

Talmud Torah


mass noun
  • 1Judaism
    The field of study that deals with the Jewish law.

    ‘The curriculum is designed with the understanding that the role of Talmud Torah and Shalhevet is to act as a supplement to a Jewish home and synagogue life.’
    • ‘The intra-traditional mode of study, ‘Talmud Torah,’ is contrasted with the extra-traditional mode, ‘Jewish Studies.’’
    • ‘The literature of the Reform Movement understands Talmud Torah, Torah study, to be a mitzvah, a commandment.’
    • ‘This scholarly method is distinct from the traditional method of study called Talmud Torah, which is performed in fulfillment of a religious commandment and assumes a certain level of belief and personal attachment to the Jewish religion.’
    • ‘However it is accomplished, the evaluation process will help you grow as a teacher, will make participants feel valued, and will improve the quality and depth of the group's Talmud Torah.’
    1. 1.1count noun A communal school where children are instructed in Judaism.
      ‘Local references in Jewish newspapers over the years to Talmud Torahs were of similar meaning.’
      • ‘In 1917, the six individual Talmud Torah schools merged as the United Talmud Torahs of Montreal.’
      • ‘Today I support day schools to achieve the same levels as were achieved in the Talmud Torahs.’
      • ‘The Talmud Torahs, being the largest schools, were used as a nucleus.’
      • ‘Following World War II, supplementary Jewish education passed entirely into the hands of the synagogues, except for the small Orthodox element affiliated with the Associated Talmud Torahs.’