Meaning of talwar in English:


Pronunciation /tʌlˈwɑː/


(also tulwar)
  • A sword, especially a type of sabre.

    ‘the crowd poked at me with sticks and sheathed talwars’
    • ‘The point of having a curve in a tulwar or a kirpan is to enable you to perform ‘draw cuts’.’
    • ‘Tribesmen whose skill lies more in the blade than the bow become bladesmen, wielding the tulwar with grace and speed.’
    • ‘As with the previous engagements, the fighting was bitter, with close hand to hand fighting; the Sikhs preferring to rely on their tulwars whilst the British pressed forward with their bayonets.’
    • ‘My tulwar has a hilt that was clearly made for someone with smaller hands than I.’
    • ‘They then used talwars to ward off the police.’


Early 19th century Hindi talvār from Sanskrit taravāri.