Main meanings of tam in English

: tam1TAM2


Pronunciation /tam/


  • 1A tam-o'-shanter.

    ‘Work a vintage fedora, tam or veiled hat into your wardrobe for a bit of uptown chic.’
    • ‘It takes some acting craft for him to pull off the feat of wearing the outlandish sweater vests, demented tams, garish checks and plaids without ever seeming as if he were wearing a costume.’
    • ‘He reached up and adjusted his plaid tam, which offset perfectly his red scarf and silk shirt.’
    • ‘He came with accomplices who wore gold tams and black capes; some carried handguns.’
    • ‘There were plush fleece coats, including one in soda-pop grape, and cute leather tams crudely stitched with black yarn.’
    • ‘On her head she sported a tam a few shades lighter than the skirt.’
    • ‘She took a dark tweed coat with matching muff and tam from the wardrobe.’
    • ‘The tam fits all as the size is very easy to adjust.’
    • ‘The Aran Tam perfectly combines style and practicality and is totally unique as each hat is hand knit or crocheted.’
    • ‘That robe was her full Ph.D. academic regalia, with three velvet blue stripes on each arm; a satin bi-colored cowl and a soft velvet tam (with the tassel angled sassily - she thought).’
    1. 1.1A tall woollen hat worn by Rastafarians.
      ‘Just in case you didn't catch it - it features Rastafarian elephants in tams, skanking for peanut butter - this is big, big fun.’
      • ‘‘Yes, please,’ she rejoined as she looked over a revolving metal stand proffering a dizzying assortment of Rasta-style knit tams.’
      • ‘This gorgeous tam is big enough to hold your locks or just very long hair.’
      • ‘This Rasta tam will keep your style cool and your head warm.’
      • ‘Some Rastas also wear tams and other forms of headdress as a religious head covering.’
      • ‘Some Rastas also wear tams and other forms of headdress as a religious head covering.’


Late 19th century abbreviation.

Main meanings of TAM in English

: tam1TAM2


Pronunciation /tam/


  • Television audience measurement.