Meaning of tamagotchi in English:


Pronunciation /taməˈɡɒtʃi/


  • An electronic toy displaying a digital image of a creature, which has to be looked after and responded to by the ‘owner’ as if it were a pet.

    ‘Remember those electronic pet gadgets, tamagotchis, a few years ago?’
    • ‘She scored a tamagotchi from Santa and it has been training us to keep it happy for the last couple of days.’
    • ‘Over two years ago, I thought, ‘hm, I want a tamagotchi’.’
    • ‘The tamagotchi lasted one year, the petrol driven car has been around for over 100 years.’
    • ‘Tamagotchi, which first went on sale in 1996, recorded 40 million in global sales and helped set off an explosion of handheld virtual pets.’