Meaning of Tánaiste in English:



  • The deputy prime minister of the Republic of Ireland.

    ‘Cork County Council yesterday agreed to ask both the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste to intervene.’
    • ‘It had six of the fifteen cabinet posts and a special office of the Tánaiste was created, situated in government buildings, with its own staff and budget.’
    • ‘The Tánaiste said the legislation would address the issue of charges in public institutions only.’
    • ‘The Labour Party wants the Tánaiste to publish a Bill immediately to give effect to the commission's recommendations.’
    • ‘Speaking in Cork the Tánaiste insisted the Government would honour its commitments to victims.’
    • ‘Both the Taoiseach and the Tánaiste need to drive their campaigns hard, from the front and with vision.’
    • ‘The Tánaiste also said each local authority area should have a dedicated unit to enforce planning laws.’
    • ‘The Tánaiste and the Taoiseach insisted there was no need for a resignation.’
    • ‘Instead of making a political speech, the Tánaiste will pay tribute to the Pope.’
    • ‘Two years ago, the Tánaiste said her top political priority was reducing insurance costs.’
    • ‘The future of the referendum was in doubt last night as the Tánaiste signalled it would not go ahead without broad support.’
    • ‘The Tánaiste said that the numerous measures introduced by the Government have led to a better functioning insurance market.’
    • ‘Let me say that I could never for a moment imagine the Tánaiste behaving with the rudeness of the aforementioned minister.’
    • ‘He also wants to establish whether the Tánaiste has the support of her Government colleagues.’
    • ‘The Tánaiste told the Dáil last week that tribunals had not been established as consultants were not prepared to participate.’
    • ‘We now have a document signed by every member of the deputation verifying exactly what the Tánaiste said in December 2002.’
    • ‘Also yesterday, the Tánaiste promised additional resources for the health service, allied to radical reforms.’
    • ‘She will also discuss the matter with the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Finance Minister.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the Tánaiste has ruled out topping up the fund.’
    • ‘The new measures were being introduced to reflect the prevailing labour market situation, the Tánaiste said.’



/ˈtɔːnɪʃtə/ /ˈtaːnəsʲtʲə/


Irish tánaiste, literally ‘second in excellence’.