Meaning of tannic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtanɪk/


  • Relating to or resembling tannin.

    ‘a dry wine with a slightly tannic aftertaste’
    • ‘As for the juice, its health benefits may keep some customers chugging it, but it has a lingering, biting, tannic aftertaste.’
    • ‘Wines, particularly wines naturally low in tannins themselves, can taste aggressively tannic after being matured in barrels made from kiln-dried, as opposed to air-dried, wood.’
    • ‘Salt and tannin are a train wreck in the mouth, so tannic reds don't work well with most cheeses.’
    • ‘The rest, though, began to rid themselves of the huge wooden fermentation barrels, where the wine would bubble for 40 or more days, absorbing everything the acidic and tannic nebbiolo grape had to offer.’
    • ‘While many beers are inescapably bitter, wines range from tannic to acidic to fruity, thereby pleasing a broader range of palates.’
    • ‘Avoid overly tannic or acidic wine to prevent astringent qualities in the final product.’
    • ‘This is a wine that you could start to consider keeping, the rich, highly concentrated fruit has wonderful mid-palate weight and sits within a tannic structure of great finesse.’
    • ‘Australian wines are incredibly drinkable, they don't have too much of a tannic edge, they're fruit forward and just really easy to drink.’
    • ‘The Malbec grape is Argentina's finest, producing impressive inky, perfumed, tannic reds with real class, so tuck into this discounted dark, brooding, plum and liquorice-layered red while you can.’
    • ‘A final corollary to this: Young, tannic reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot will always taste more profound if you pour them first into a carafe, pitcher, or decanter.’
    • ‘Okay, so it's still a bit astringent and tannic, and for the next couple of years you'd want to have it with food, but it's a truly fabulous find for what we thought would be ‘just cheap light plonk’.’
    • ‘They're incredibly tannic and astringent when not ripe and need to be squishy-soft and feel like a full water-balloon before using, or you'll be sorry.’
    • ‘So if you find Pinot Noir a bit light and Cabernet Sauvignon a little too tannic and dry, Syrah along with Merlot is emerging as a very successful alternative New Zealand red wine style.’
    • ‘The color was right; the aromatics were faint but seemed heading in the right direction; the fruit, however, was dull and a bit tannic.’
    • ‘In other words, they end up inadvertently ordering something they aren't going to like, like a tannic red wine to go with a delicately prepared fish.’
    • ‘My notes found most of the tried-and-true performers to have made excessively weedy, leafy wines or overly extracted tannic wines.’
    • ‘Aromas of orange peel and cocoa make way for a smooth-edged and well-aged rum, more tannic than sweet, and less vanilla than is common.’
    • ‘Six-row barley is generally considered to be of lower quality than two-row barley, and its thicker husk results in tannic and powdery flavours.’
    • ‘After being opened for a day or more, the Chardonnay sometimes tasted softer and less oaky, the Cabernet rounder and less tannic.’
    • ‘A salad with a tangy vinaigrette, for instance, might wash out a delicate wine, but it would soften a big, tannic one.’


Mid 19th century from French tannique, from tanin (see tannin).