Meaning of tappa in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌpə/


  • A short folk song of northern Indian origin.

    ‘‘Thumris’, ‘chaitis’ and ‘tappas’, with a rich folk and classical base, under the music direction of the creative genius, Vanraj Bhatia, took filmgoers to another era.’
    • ‘I sang one of my favourites: a rare tappa in raga Jangla set to ada-chautal and I invited her to dance to a tappa.’
    • ‘Though her tappa could not rise above the average, she made it up with moving rendering of thumri, kajri and bhajan.’
    • ‘In Punjab, this folk song was known as 'dhapa', which was transformed into the Hindi Tappa.’
    • ‘Tappa is believed to be originally sung by the camel riders in the desert region.’


Hindi, from Punjabi.