Meaning of tar-seal in English:



[with object]Australian, New Zealand
  • Surface (a road) with tar or tarmacadam.

    ‘many farmers had tar-sealed the roads to their front gates’
    • ‘He said we need to tar-seal every single road in New Zealand.’
    • ‘We are very concerned that if they tar-seal it, lots of people from Auckland and Tauranga will then want to drive on it.’
    • ‘That is not a new road; it is a stretch of road that has just been tar-sealed.’
    • ‘We have tar-sealed a few, but a lot more work needs to be done.’
    • ‘It has been progressively tar-sealed, bit by bit, and has been waiting for years to be completed.’
    • ‘There are some places that do not need their roads tar-sealed.’
    • ‘I sat in a queue of cars for a while as we made slow progress over the railway bridge, the tracks tar-sealed over to make a route for cars.’
    • ‘We've just had our road tarsealed and an old guy on the sweeper stopped and had a chat in the shelter of our gateway.’
    • ‘It was my wish to get the road to Tawharanui tarsealed so that anyone could go out and see the wonderful regional park.’
    • ‘Nowhere in the world has any city been able to tarseal its way out of gridlock.’
    • ‘I would love my gravel road to be tar sealed.’


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • A road surface of tar or tarmacadam.

    ‘after Meko for 5km the road is dirt and is really bad, with huge potholes, then it's tar-seal to Abeokuta’
    • ‘The vast sums of money being turned into tarseal is the problem, not the solution.’
    • ‘He bent over and stubbed out his cigarette on the tarseal.’
    • ‘Reality struck after the big four wheel drive turned off the tar seal at Waipiro.’
    • ‘Travelling north you will very likely stop to look at the seals at Ohau Point where there is a pull-off area of tar seal on your right just past Half Moon Bay.’
    • ‘Eventually we came to a small stretch of tar seal and a clearing in the trees that exposed the coast line.’
    • ‘The sixteen mile ride was not always easy - no tar seal and often a nor'wester or sou'wester.’
    • ‘On the way home from Hamilton, Sheryl's car skidded on melted tar-seal, slick with drizzle.’
    • ‘The last thing one does is dig up the runway just because the rest of the airfield does not happen to have any tar-seal.’
    • ‘Mark Dean slowed for a 50m stretch of slippery and sunken tarseal on Oropi Rd that usually makes his four-wheel drive truck shudder.’
    • ‘The rest of the ride to the Friendly Bungalows wasn't quite as easy as predicted, as the tar seal soon gave way to deeply-gouged clay once again.’
    • ‘It has been waiting for tar-seal for years.’
    • ‘The driver lost control of the vehicle on the tarseal.’