Meaning of target audience in English:

target audience

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  • A particular group at which a product such as a film or advertisement is aimed.

    ‘his stated target audience is children’
    • ‘I realize that I am not the intended target audience for the film’
    • ‘What advertising can do is keep your name in front of your target audience.’
    • ‘The target audience is pre-teen females.’
    • ‘The texts are well-suited for the target audience: people who do not necessarily have a passion for the visual arts.’
    • ‘I just think that they should consider whether the advertising they show is appropriate for the target audience.’
    • ‘The target audience for this product is young women who lead an active lifestyle.’
    • ‘It's a variation of the Cinderella fairy tale that knows its target audience.’
    • ‘It's surprising the number of times we've been told that the target audience is "everybody."’
    • ‘This is mediocre summer fare at best, and its allure is strictly limited to a narrow target audience.’
    • ‘The film's target audience is teenagers, who, to one degree or another, will relate to the concept of high school cliques.’
    • ‘Everybody's really excited to see the impact the campaign has made on those target audiences.’
    • ‘When looking for networking opportunities, stay close to your main target audience.’
    • ‘If too small of a target audience is identified, it doesn't make sense to move forward with production, unless you have a lot of money to waste.’
    • ‘Barrymore knows what her target audience likes, and is not ashamed to dish it up.’