Meaning of targetable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɑːɡɪtəb(ə)l/


See target

‘Digital marketing is non-linear, interactive, targetable, measurable, and most important, user-initiated - it puts user choice and personal preference at the forefront of the experience.’
  • ‘Each missile consists of ten independently targetable multiple re-entry vehicles (MIRV's), each with a 100 kt nuclear warhead.’
  • ‘Overlooked by campaigns as a luxury affordable by only the biggest national races, online advertising is now a highly targetable, viable option in just about any race.’
  • ‘The aircraft would be vastly more effective against these sorts of targets if it delivered a large number of much smaller, individually targetable weapons.’
  • ‘However, mass media's share of advertising is declining now as marketers boost spending on more targetable, narrowcast media.’