Meaning of tariqa in English:


Pronunciation /taˈriːkə/


(also tariqat)
mass noun
  • 1The Sufi doctrine or path of spiritual learning.

    ‘Tariqat has neither the right to waive any law of shariat, nor can it allow the followers of tariqat to be exempted from the bounds and limits of shariat.’
    • ‘Both tariqat and haqiqat by which the sufis are distinguished, are the third part of shariat.’
    1. 1.1count noun A Sufi missionary.
      ‘This self-same process of organic expansion along the trade routes, or among semi-settled pastoralists, was sustained by the Sufi tariqas, the mystical orders of Islam.’
      • ‘Similarly, the Turkish Sufi traditions and tariqas, which played important roles in Turkish social and political history, barely register here.’
      • ‘Islamic Sufi brotherhoods, known as tariqas, play an important role in the religious practices of the Mauritanians.’
      • ‘Increasingly, the center-right parties have also used Islamic discourse and established institutional links with the tariqas (the religious brotherhoods).’
      • ‘As for the paths of other sound sufi tariqas, apart from that of the Sadat Bani 'Alawi, they do not differ from it in their essentials, nor in the reality of travelling (on the spiritual path) and attainment, but only in forms, appearances, and different drinking sources, all of which are aimed at making the seeker's road shorter.’


From Arabic ṭarīqa ‘manner, way, creed’.