Meaning of tarpaulin muster in English:

tarpaulin muster


informal mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • A collection of contributions of money from a group of people, particularly to buy drinks or for a charitable purpose.

    • ‘it looked like a tarpaulin muster would be needed to help cover the deficit’
    • ‘I decided to return before the others in the Star bar, not because I was skint as there was always the 'tarpaulin muster' to rely on, but an early night was always a good idea.’
    • ‘Someone suggested a 'tarpaulin muster' and they put all they had on the table.’
    • ‘'Ere, boys, let's 'ave a tarpaulin muster an' we'll buy the place.’
    • ‘Tarpaulin musters were also commonly practiced when a popular shipmate was discharged from the service without funds.’
    • ‘They depended upon tarpaulin musters and passing the hat collections for support.’
    • ‘These friends, together with the remainder of the Ship's Company, responded generously when a 'tarpaulin muster' was held to raise money for the deceased members' dependants.’
    • ‘I have seen small children on the racecourse make a tarpaulin muster to get sufficient money to buy a ticket on the tote.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago, a gang of men stationed there had a tarpaulin muster and 10 shillings was collected.’