Meaning of tarte Tatin in English:

tarte Tatin

Pronunciation /ˌtɑːt taˈtã/


  • A type of upside-down apple tart consisting of pastry baked over slices of fruit arranged in caramelized sugar, served fruit side up after cooking.

    ‘Place a tarte Tatin on one end of a large rectangular plate.’
    • ‘Cheese nuts will enjoy the cheesecakelike fromage blanc island, although my favorite was the button-size apple tarte Tatin, served with apple-green shavings of granita and a pinkish peppercorn ice cream.’
    • ‘For the fig tarte Tatin: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and arrange six 4-inch non-stick tart molds on a sheet pan.’
    • ‘Place a fig tarte Tatin in the center of plate.’
    • ‘And mango-and-banana tarte Tatin with fromage blanc sorbet deserves a page in a cookbook.’


French, from tarte ‘tart’ + Tatin, the surname of the sisters said to have created the dish.