Meaning of tarweed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɑːwiːd/


mass noun
  • Any of a number of American plants of the daisy family with sticky leaves and heavy scent.

    Madia, Grindelia, Hemizonia, and related genera, family Compositae

    ‘A good example would again be the Hemizonias, some of which have been called tarweeds and some tarplants.’
    • ‘Pods are deposited close to the basal growth of forbs such as tarweeds and Russian thistle.’
    • ‘These techniques can greatly reduce a population of tarweed, leaving very few plants to flower and set seed.’
    • ‘Avena plants were larger and more tarweeds survived into the summer.’
    • ‘Although the slender tarweed described above has the same tar-like odor, it is not nearly as strong as that of this plant.’