Meaning of Tashi Lama in English:

Tashi Lama

Pronunciation /ˌtaʃɪ ˈlɑːmə/


another name for Panchen Lama
‘Thereafter the Tashi Lama sent for me, and I was given no more time to study the ancient books.’
  • ‘These are the mausolea of the five departed Tashi Lamas, the present Lama being the sixth.’
  • ‘Over the winters, Shree learnt from Tashi Lama the Traditional secrets of Singing Bowl Therapy & Sound Healing.’
  • ‘And to this the Emperor is said to have consented; but, owing to the death of the Tashi Lama and the jealousy of the Chinese officials, nothing resulted.’
  • ‘Most of the material is newly sourced from books and manuscripts lent to Bell by the Dalai and Tashi Lamas and conversations with many leading Tibetans.’