Meaning of tassa drum in English:

tassa drum

Pronunciation /ˈtasə/


West Indian
  • A large one-sided Indian goatskin drum, typically hung from the neck and played with two sticks.

    ‘They were followed by a presentation of traditional Native American Indian mas which accompanied themselves with a tassa drum section.’
    • ‘But among the more dramatic changes evident this year was the use of a new type of tassa drum, one that avoided both the clay bowl and goatskin-playing-surface of the traditional model.’
    • ‘So we decided to play and sing the music, but we added the tassa drums in the background, and the crowd went crazy.’
    • ‘With little time left, Drupatee, with tassa drums in tow, sang Real Unity, which was followed by Farmer Nappy's struggle to encourage energy for his solo project Pure Niceness.’
    • ‘When the festival of Hosay came round, Tanker would visit the neighbouring district of St James and listen to the tassa drums rolling.’


Tassa from Hindi.