Meaning of tastevin in English:


nounplural noun tastevin/ˈtastəvã/ /ˌtastəˈvã/ /tastəvɛ̃/

  • A small, shallow silver cup for tasting wines, of a type used in France.

    ‘Some Burgundy producers still use tastevins in their own cellars, where they can be useful to demonstrate hue and clarity even in a dim light.’
    • ‘In France however, there has been a constant business in the making of tastevins which continues to the present.’
    • ‘The first tastevins were originally designed to allow merchants buying wine to gauge the color of the wine while in dim, candlelit cellars.’
    • ‘When we mention tasting, we immediately think of enologists with their tastevins and of monks in their monasteries busily perfecting their beer or cheese-making techniques between prayers.’
    • ‘Even without the numerous wine stewards walking around the dining room with silver tastevins hanging around their necks, the atmosphere at Le Bernardin feels quite old world.’



/ˈtastəvã/ /ˌtastəˈvã/ /tastəvɛ̃/


French, literally ‘wine taster’.