Meaning of tasting menu in English:

tasting menu


  • A type of meal offered in certain restaurants, consisting of sample portions of many different dishes served in several courses for a set price.

    ‘Some chefs sell merchandise or match wines with their tasting menus to boost profits.’
    • ‘The true test of a restaurant's dessert mettle is the dessert tasting menu.’
    • ‘For a healthful culinary tour of the subcontinent, try the vegetarian tasting menu.’
    • ‘We chose the slightly cheaper of the two tasting menus, at £ 48 for five courses.’
    • ‘There's also an inspirational tasting menu, of course, which is also a surprise.’
    • ‘Dinner that night was a tasting menu at the hotel restaurant, Pimms.’
    • ‘I opt for a "tasting menu" which means I get to sample all the signature dishes of Chef Suvir.’
    • ‘His chocolate tasting menu, a robust replacement to the spring-summer fish tasting, is now a signature.’
    • ‘Try the tasting menu, at £ 48 per head without wine or £ 68 with a selection of wines.’
    • ‘His tasting menus are assault courses for the taste buds, a boot camp for the mouth.’
    • ‘A tasting menu featuring three different ports was a steal at $9.’
    • ‘The six-course tasting menu improves your odds of experiencing this fascinating chef at his best.’
    • ‘Menu features both A la carte and nightly chef's tasting menu as an option offering chef's own seven-course delights.’
    • ‘We use this recipe a lot in our tasting menu, where it is very popular.’
    • ‘One major plus of the hotel is its Le Cinq restaurant, where even the locals book ahead to tackle the gargantuan tasting menu.’
    • ‘When we ordered the tasting menus for ourselves, Clotilde asked me if I wanted to do the wine pairing.’
    • ‘For an appetizer, I enjoyed a nice piece of sturgeon off the chef's tasting menu, covered with a light crème fraîche sauce folded with more caviar.’
    • ‘Offered between courses, small food serves as a makeshift tasting menu and has additional virtues that shouldn't go unnoticed, as well.’
    • ‘When upscale restaurants in Los Angeles and New York City start offering discounted tasting menus, you know times have gotten tough for the food industry.’
    • ‘I am equally used to tasting menus, and the point of a tasting menu is to be balanced, and to be a pleasure, not an ordeal.’