Meaning of Taswegian in English:


Pronunciation /tazˈwiːdʒən/


informal Australian
  • A native or resident of Tasmania.

    • ‘he stuck close to the other Taswegians at the club’
    • ‘He's the Taswegian who was thrown out of the party for being a little too soft.’
    • ‘In 1845, Taswegians everywhere busted open their mattresses to deposit their pennies in the Hobart Savings Bank on its first day of business.’
    • ‘It's easy to see where those jokes about Taswegians with close family ties come from.’
    • ‘I can only assume the Taswegians have gotten away with this gross act of economic heresy because the eyes of economists are on larger markets.’
    • ‘A number of themes familiar to all architects are also of concern to Taswegians.’
    • ‘Taswegians were able to retire their carrier pigeons at long last when the Apple Isle was connected to the rest of the nation by telephone.’
    • ‘Taswegians have crossed the pond and are driving around dumbstruck at all the buildings more than two storeys high.’
    • ‘Taswegians are known as Apple Islanders.’
    • ‘It would be like a Taswegian wondering why a Melbournian would need to go north in winter.’
    • ‘In late October, she finished second overall to a fellow Taswegian.’


1950s modelled on Glaswegian.