Meaning of tatami in English:


(also tatami mat)

Pronunciation /təˈtɑːmi/

nountatami, tatamis

  • A rush-covered straw mat forming a traditional Japanese floor covering.

    ‘I made an executive decision about my life and downgraded my bed to a cheap tatami mat, a traditional straw Japanese mat meant for sleeping.’
    • ‘She said when she moved in all the rooms were designed in Japanese style with tatami on the floor.’
    • ‘My room had a wood floor with a tatami mat over it.’
    • ‘Not that much happens, but it happens in breathtaking, meticulously composed shots, usually filmed from a stationary position a metre off the floor - the approximate eye-line of someone seated on a tatami.’
    • ‘Finally, there's an exclusive line of Japanese tatami - textured granular plasters combined with either straw or recycled glass.’