Meaning of Tathagata in English:



  • An honorific title of a Buddha, especially the Buddha Gautama, or a person who has attained perfection by following Buddhist principles.

    ‘The Buddha proclaimed himself a Tathagata and preached his first sermon, a momentous event in the history of Buddhism.’
    • ‘Then at the same time the Tathagata dwelt together with bodhisattvas and others in the great stupa, in the mandala of the sphere of phenomena.’
    • ‘Thus the Tathagata was encouraged to start spreading the Buddha Dharma…’
    • ‘In another poem titled ‘Painting Buddha,’ Chen observed, ‘Having painted the Tathagata [Perfect One], I wish to make a eulogy. / But if the word samadhi [concentration] is in the mouth, it is difficult to show other people.’’
    • ‘If one practices the Tathagata's esoteric garbha, he is selfless, empty, and peaceful.’



/təˈtɑːɡətə/ /təˈθɑːɡətə/


From Pali Tathāgata, from tathā ‘in that manner’ + gata ‘gone’.