Meaning of tathata in English:



mass nounBuddhism
  • The ultimate nature of all things, as expressed in phenomena but inexpressible in language.

    Compare with sunyata

    ‘The concepts of shunyata and tathata, if Iron had realized this was what they were; had come to mind.’
    • ‘When the implications of tathata are deeply understood, the ego naturally becomes neutralized.’
    • ‘Although tathata involves the mundane, it is also a poetic moment that will never return in exactly the same way.’
    • ‘We fall into liking and disliking, which in turn leads to the defilements, because we don't see tathata.’
    • ‘The meaning of tathata will be discussed later in the text.’



/ˌtatəˈtɑː/ /ˌtaθəˈtɑː/


Pali, literally ‘true state of things’.