Meaning of tatsoi in English:


Pronunciation /tatˈsɔɪ/


  • A kind of Chinese cabbage with glossy dark green leaves.

    Brassica rapa variety rosularis, family Cruciferae

    ‘But the tatsoi type is a better choice because it has much shorter leaf stalks.’
    • ‘In the early weeks of the winter share, members receive hardy late-season greens like kale, Brussels sprouts and tatsoi from the fields in addition to storage crops.’
    • ‘Start lettuce, arugula and Chinese greens (including tatsoi and mizuna) by mid-October in cold frames (for late winter harvest) and in the ground (for early spring harvest).’
    • ‘The spinach, arugula, tatsoi and mache all appeared like green sentinels standing up to Old Man Winter's blanket of white snow.’
    • ‘We chose spinach, mache (also called corn salad), arugula, tatsoi and a few other greens to plant.’
    • ‘Asian greens, like Chinese cabbage, boc choi, mequing choi and tatsoi, are a good choice for your third crop type, he says.’
    • ‘' Bulls Blood ' beet, ' Tokyo Bekena ' Chinese cabbage, several varieties of lettuce, ' Red Giant ' mustard, sorrel and tatsoi are harvested two to three times.’
    • ‘Harvest celosia, statice, gladiolus, dahlias, collards, mustard, tatsoi, kale, carrots, sweet Williams, zinnia, lilies, chief celosia, arugula, bok choi, mei choi and Chinese cabbage.’


Chinese daat-choi, from daat- ‘sink, fall flat’ + choi ‘vegetable’.