Meaning of tattie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtati/


informal mainly Scottish
  • A potato.

    • ‘a hot plate of tatties 'n' mince’
    • ‘When I was three, in 1967, I favoured mince and tatties, cheesy potatoes and chicken soup with rice.’
    • ‘Meals such as mince and tatties (ground beef and boiled or mashed potatoes) and homemade curries are common, along with take-out options.’
    • ‘Most nights, it was meat with tatties and another veg.’
    • ‘Are you looking forward to eating some haggis, neaps and tatties (haggis, turnip and potatoes)?’
    • ‘The hidden irony is that fondue is as integral to Swiss cuisine as, say, mince and tatties are to ours.’


Late 18th century alteration.