Meaning of tatting in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtatɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1A kind of knotted lace made by hand with a small shuttle, used chiefly for trimming.

    ‘she sat making tatting’
    • ‘The inspiration for Lalie Douglas's newest work, Frivolité, came from a 1753 painting by Louis Tocqué that hangs in the Louvre showing a woman making a type of knotted lace called tatting.’
    • ‘She's begun adding unique touches of tatting or crocheting or ribbon work.’
    • ‘The tatting on each edge was simply an effect of elegance and care.’
    • ‘She decided to eke out a livelihood with what was once her favourite pastime, tatting.’
    • ‘Despite her failing eyesight she made prodigious amounts of lace tatting for her clothes, and for family and friends.’
    openwork, lacework, tatting, netting, net, tulle, meshwork, mesh, webbing
    1. 1.1The process of making knotted lace with a small shuttle.
      ‘Knitting, crocheting and tatting is not something that has always looked particularly hip when one, say, whips it out at a bar.’
      • ‘Today, this striking textile is made with a crochet hook, knitting needles, a tatting shuttle or a machine.’
      • ‘She had never thought tatting to be all that graceful.’
      • ‘Sara clasped her fingers tightly around the tatting shuttle and thread.’


Mid 19th century of unknown origin.