Meaning of Taurean in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɔːrɪən/ /tɔːˈriːən/

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  • Relating to the sign of Taurus.

    ‘let your Taurean stubbornness guide you’
    • ‘Even in a chart which is very strongly Taurean (or whatever) there will be modifying influences.’
    • ‘He might even learn to love his earthy, steady and conventional Taurean side.’
    • ‘I don't believe in astrology, but I also know that not believing in astrology is a typically Taurean trait.’
    • ‘Whenever I go to a party, I look for a Taurean man and I stick with him all night.’
    • ‘Taurean babies often smile very early, and usually appear content.’


  • A person born under the sign of Taurus.

    ‘the Taurean often finds it difficult to forget or forgive’
    • ‘Take this opportunity to buy presents for a Taurean who shares your good taste.’
    • ‘Taureans are always willing to accept things that would give them sensual gratification.’
    • ‘3 stubborn Taureans in the same house was a difficult situation.’
    • ‘As long as they are cosy and comfortable and well-fed, Taureans are happy.’
    • ‘It was my great-grandfather's ring; he was a Taurean like me.’