Meaning of tauromachy in English:


Pronunciation /tɔːˈrɒməki/


mass noun
  • 1 rare Bullfighting.

    ‘Thanks to Tilo for sending me a link to a paper on the ancient Tamil tradition of tauromachy, bull-baiting.’
    • ‘It discusses the culture of Spain from 1700 to the present: painting, sculpture, architecture, tauromachy, manners, and customs.’
    • ‘The Seville slaughterhouse was the first official school of tauromachy in Spain.’
    • ‘But the enduring appeal of tauromachy is elsewhere: it is in the tragedy, in the Greek meaning of the word, which is re-enacted in front of us.’
    • ‘According to Saumade, so smitten with the sport he's written a book on it, Spanish tauromachy reflects its aristocratic inventors, man asserting superiority over the untamed ‘savage’.’
    1. 1.1count noun A bullfight.
      ‘He is a bull slowly wrestled down in some terrible tauromachy.’
      • ‘At some of the towns where St. Sernin is said to have founded churches, such as Eauze and Pamplona, the tauromachy exists today.’
      • ‘There are more than 80 paintings, pastels and drawings created during the past five years: still-lifes, and brothel and tauromachy scenes.’


Mid 19th century from Greek tauromakhia, from tauros ‘bull’ + makhē ‘battle’.