Meaning of tautologous in English:


Pronunciation /tɔːˈtɒləɡəs/


See tautology

‘For many people, however, especially in England, the usage is tautologous.’
  • ‘These terms, as pointed out in other parts of this book, are ambiguous, open-ended, and often tautologous.’
  • ‘The word ‘until’ does in my view have as its normal English meaning a meaning which is sometimes encapsulated in the rather tautologous phrase ‘unless and until’.’
  • ‘Used in the objective sense of breach of obligation, however, ‘fault’ is simply tautologous, unless the particular obligation itself incorporates subjective elements.’
  • ‘The adjectives ‘typical’ and ‘real’ make the term ‘local derby’ seem for a moment less tautologous.’