Meaning of tautomer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɔːtəmə/


  • Each of two or more isomers of a compound which exist together in equilibrium, and are readily interchanged by migration of an atom or group within the molecule.

    ‘These structures are called tautomers, which exist in dynamic equilibrium with each other.’
    • ‘Earlier studies also support the fact that phenolic compounds could convert to different tautomers, quinone, ketone and dimers at higher pH in the presence of oxidative species.’
    • ‘In our previous study on vibrational relaxation in HRP the relaxation time varied in the range of 1-10 ps for different vibrational modes of pyrrole tautomers of the chromophore.’
    • ‘Because the interconversion of the two tautomers is slower than the actual proton transfer reaction, a conformational change is probably associated with the isomerization.’
    • ‘Most often, the ketone is the much more stable of the two tautomers.’


Early 20th century blend of tauto-‘same’ and isomer.