Meaning of tautomeric in English:


Pronunciation /tɔːtəˈmɛrɪk/



See tautomer

‘That is, regardless of the tautomeric form in which the molecule finds itself there is always conserved an aromatic core to which is attached a hydroxyl group peri to a carbonyl group.’
  • ‘Point mutations, for example, can be due to tautomeric shift (a movement of hydrogen atoms that changes the properties of bonding).’
  • ‘This is corroborated by the fact that the interconversion between A 1 and A 3 is very fast at room temperature, which cannot be explained by a simple tautomeric conversion.’
  • ‘All these techniques pointed to the fact that the unstable form has the 7,14-diketo tautomeric structure, like the stable form, and not the 1,6-diketo structure.’
  • ‘Although the double bond in the 7-membered ring of hypocrellin B constrains it to exist in one conformational and tautomeric form, it appears that in the excited state this is not the case.’