Meaning of tawer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɔːə/


See taw

‘His business centred on animal skins: he trained as a glover and whittawer (‘white tawer’, i.e. a tanner, who treats animal skins with alum or lime), which required an apprenticeship of at least seven years.’
  • ‘This is the work of the tawers, using age-old techniques combined with modern technology.’
  • ‘Then an organ-builder Josef Egger moved in the house and was followed by a tawer Martin Osimus in 1698.’
  • ‘The town was French-speaking for generations, with a French-protestant temple, busy glovers, tawers, weavers and other artisans occupying the newly built houses.’
  • ‘The town dwellers were leather craftsmen: shoemakers (who formed the Saint-Crépin corporation), tawers, tanners and chamoisers who used the town's numerous waterways for their work.’