Meaning of tax dodger in English:

tax dodger

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  • A person who practices tax avoidance or tax evasion.

    • ‘our private investigators know how to locate tax dodgers’
    • ‘Tax dodgers in Swindon owe the council almost £4 million in unpaid rates from last year, new figures have revealed.’
    • ‘This isn't the first time a public figure has been tried for being a tax dodger.’
    • ‘Gibraltar is one of 35 countries accused of harbouring tax dodgers.’
    • ‘Poorer nations are losing 270 billion a year in revenues to prosperous tax dodgers.’
    • ‘Thousands of otherwise law-abiding Irish people have also sought to move undeclared cash into the area along with other tax dodgers from across Europe.’
    • ‘The message must go out that tax dodgers go to prison.’
    • ‘The roadside check is part of a two-week offensive against tax dodgers, which includes mobile clamping units striking on the streets of the county.’
    • ‘The figures also reveal farmers, bosses, shopkeepers, publicans and builders top the list of tax dodgers.’
    • ‘British and EU officials frequently attack Swiss banking secrecy as providing a haven for money launderers and tax dodgers.’
    • ‘Sources said there was deep dissatisfaction in legal circles about a former tax defaulter chairing a tribunal concerning corruption and tax dodgers.’
    • ‘The man behind the successful fashion chain has been named and shamed as a tax dodger.’
    • ‘Inland Revenue investigators have launched a campaign to dissuade the rising number of tax dodgers who every year fail to declare the income from their short-term tenants.’
    • ‘The Revenue can impose huge penalties on tax dodgers, often many times the sum owed, and can seek criminal prosecutions.’
    • ‘A new campaign against tax dodgers has China's celebrities and executives looking uneasily over their shoulders.’
    • ‘Under an amnesty which expires today, tax dodgers can come forward and will not have to pay more than they already owe.’
    • ‘Many on modest incomes are being forced to pay a charge while millionaire tax dodgers continue to enjoy amnesties.’
    • ‘Many Italians fear that even if the government lets them off lightly now, they'll find themselves on a list of confessed tax dodgers who will get special scrutiny in the future.’
    • ‘Rupert has been an aggressive tax-dodger for decades.’
    • ‘Is a second-home allowance fiddler, or a serial tax-dodger, an acceptable minister of the crown?’
    • ‘Deliberate tax-dodgers, those who make a fraudulent return of their income, are excommunicated.’
    non-payer, debt dodger