Meaning of tax relief in English:

tax relief

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mass noun
  • Remission of a proportion of income tax normally due on earned income.

    ‘tax relief is available on the initial investment’
    • ‘The President made small-business tax relief a priority.’
    • ‘Gift Aid donations from taxpayers attract basic-rate tax relief at 22% at the very least.’
    • ‘It allows staff to buy shares in the company cheaply, which is also supported by tax relief from the Inland Revenue.’
    • ‘It's not like the super-rich need tax relief.’
    • ‘At the moment, property investment doesn't enjoy the tax relief afforded to the other major assets classes.’
    • ‘The tax relief offered in the President's proposals remains sound policy.’
    • ‘Pension contributions attract tax relief, which means that the government adds to your pot.’
    • ‘Churches are regarded as charities, and money given regularly attracts tax relief.’
    • ‘Even non-taxpayers can get basic-rate tax relief, simply by paying into a Stakeholder pension.’
    • ‘If you drive a solar-powered car, you get tax relief.’
    • ‘You get tax relief on your contributions, so each £100 you contribute costs you only £78.’
    • ‘If you did not use up all your valuable tax relief in one tax year, you could carry it forward to a later year.’