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tax return


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  • A form on which a taxpayer makes an annual statement of income and personal circumstances, used by the tax authorities to assess liability for tax.

    ‘you are asked to fill in a tax return at the end of the year’
    • ‘Yes, if your child has earned income, filing a tax return will create room for RRSP contribution.’
    • ‘It will have to produce annually the IRC tax return, stating the income, in case of rentals.’
    • ‘Like other stud operations in Ireland, Coolmore has never had to file an annual tax return, but that is about to change.’
    • ‘You indicate that you forgot to declare the income on your Irish tax return.’
    • ‘The tax is self-assessed on an annual tax return in Italy whether the property is rented or not.’
    • ‘Come the end of the tax year, it will make filing your tax return less of a chore.’
    • ‘One advantage of doing a tax return online is that the Revenue will calculate your liability for you.’
    • ‘The paper tax return allows you to complete details for three separate self-employed income sources.’
    • ‘That's way more preparation for filling out a tax return than most Americans get.’
    • ‘You are not legally obliged to employ an accountant, although you may find it easier to do so when it comes to filling in your tax return.’
    • ‘Filling in a tax return can be quite daunting, and not just for bishops, if you are unfortunate enough to receive one.’
    • ‘The key to filling in the tax return is to have all the right bits and pieces to hand.’
    • ‘You must keep proof to support your claim to a deduction as long as your income tax return can be examined.’
    • ‘These amounts are deductible when you file the tax return to report the gain for the year of sale.’
    • ‘You can then refer to the tax return to see whether a deduction was taken.’
    • ‘For whatever reason, Mr. Hughes had not filed a personal income tax return since 1985.’
    • ‘You must also file certain forms with your tax return to account for these assets.’
    • ‘You don't have to declare this interest on your tax return, which is a bonus in itself.’
    • ‘Plus, you don't even have to declare it on your tax return - hurrah!’
    • ‘The deadline to get your tax return in the mail rolled in at midnight, Friday.’