Meaning of taxi rank in English:

taxi rank

Pronunciation /ˈtaksɪ raŋk/


(North American taxi stand)
  • A place where taxis park while waiting to be hired.

    ‘The tour stops at the Hospital and we walk past a large taxi rank and open-air market, and onto a pedestrian bridge to get a view of the township.’
    • ‘Mufamadi visited the taxi rank area and the park to unveil details of his department's urban renewal programme for the area.’
    • ‘We were going to get the taxi stand into the area where the mall was going to be (the old wholesale market).’
    • ‘She claimed there had been general support for the creation of a central taxi rank in Ballina.’
    • ‘He added that there were plans afoot to site a taxi rank within a short distance of John Street and Fleet Street.’
    • ‘He did not think a central taxi rank was the right solution for the town at the present time.’
    • ‘They double park on the taxi rank in the middle of the road, they park on the bus stops and even encroach on to the approach to Queen Street bridge.’
    • ‘Having spoken to a taxi driver, I was able to park my car at the end of the taxi rank so my visitors who were very elderly did not have to walk too far.’
    • ‘Patients were not able to park outside her surgery as there was now a taxi rank in place.’
    • ‘It seeks to redevelop the current taxi rank and trading area to provide a better facility for buses, taxis and informal traders.’
    • ‘This follows an East London City Council decision this week to approve the lease of land next to the site for a small taxi rank.’
    • ‘There are also plans to develop the taxi rank into a multi-storey complex.’
    • ‘Today, besides a pre-paid auto stand, a call taxi stand has also been established outside the Moore Market entrance to streamline the operation of call taxis in the station premises.’
    • ‘With cars no longer permitted in or out, I was forced to walk to a taxi stand a half-mile away.’
    • ‘This went on for another good hour, before an ashen-faced Auntie Lilly appeared at the taxi stand with a equally worried-looking Uncle Albert.’
    • ‘On coming out of the airport, he/she heads for the taxi stand.’
    • ‘On a whim she decided to avoid trouble at a taxi stand in Paisley town centre and to walk home on the fine summer's night believing she would meet up with her boyfriend on the way.’
    • ‘I was waiting for a taxi at a certain taxi stand outside a certain bar that used to be a different bar that was a lot better than the bar that it currently is.’
    • ‘At a taxi stand there, he found three men headed back toward Yakubi.’
    • ‘As I made my way to the taxi stand at JFK, I felt at ease for the first time in over a month.’