Meaning of TBH in English:



  • To be honest.

    • ‘I don't know how I feel about this, TBH’
    • ‘I don't think i could ask for a better brother or best mate tbh.’
    • ‘TBH, the films are pretty standard sci fi fare, with good visuals.’
    • ‘TBH, there wasn't much of a story there this week.’
    • ‘The bar was sooo expensive though, a complete rip off tbh.’
    • ‘I googled for stuff to do in Cardiff … and there isn't a huge amount TBH.’
    • ‘I usually tip, and tbh I would tend to tip on the over generous side!’
    • ‘Tbh, I was kind of shocked.’
    • ‘Sadly Steph wasn't there, having just had a baby (Honey Belle Arlene; what a cool name) and tbh I was disappointed, they were good without her but nothing special.’
    • ‘I rarely drink TBH.’
    • ‘I'm not entirely sure what he was saying here myself, tbh - the conquest-v-colonialism argument was always pretty silly and hairsplitting.’
    • ‘Went out again on Sunday night which wasnt as good tbh.’
    • ‘Though all our potential PM's will look like they just jumped out of school shorts, which is a bit pathetic tbh’
    • ‘I am not keen on that approach, tbh.’
    • ‘TBH, I have little idea how the US public are reacting to this.’
    • ‘The carnival itself was helped along nicely by the glorious sunshine; tbh I saw so many old friends and felt so mellow I only paid scant regard to what was happening on stage.’