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tea party


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  • 1A social gathering in the afternoon at which tea, cakes, and other light refreshments are served.

    ‘I appreciate the invitation for the afternoon tea party with Princess Mikasa but unfortunately had to go on to something else.’
    • ‘The local ladies of the Limerick Invalid fund thank all who contributed so generously to the afternoon tea party.’
    • ‘At least the Vicar's tea party serves refreshments.’
    • ‘Pull out the teapot and teacups and hold an afternoon tea party.’
    • ‘Yu made the announcement yesterday afternoon during a tea party with the media in the Cabinet complex.’
    • ‘The soirée consists of a tea party with your closest friends and their mothers.’
    • ‘Later, in the United Church Hall, war veterans enjoyed a tea party prepared by Cricklade WI members and served by children.’
    • ‘It is the perfect outfit for a posh lady to wear to a garden tea party.’
    • ‘One usually thinks of a tea party as a festive occasion, but this gathering is one that may have occurred on a daily basis.’
    • ‘No doubt we will see the site of the famous tea party and other historical locations as well as getting Nat's own views on that interesting part of the world.’
    • ‘Some people attended day centres but often they hardly knew anyone and a small intimate group of 12 at a tea party allowed them to make friends and talk more easily.’
    • ‘It looks as if they've had a tea party - it's a right mess.’
    • ‘The tea party organised by Balla Foroige Club was well supported on Saturday evening and Sunday morning and was a great success.’
    • ‘The singer hosted a tea party to herald the latest departure in her varied two-decade career - writing children's stories.’
    • ‘We had a tea party at the hospital and a glass of wine on the ward and he got his telegram from the Queen.’
    • ‘Volunteer drivers are also needed monthly - or less if on a rota - to chauffeur two members each, join in the tea party and help as needed.’
    • ‘He certainly is not planning a tea party, that's for sure.’
    • ‘They could put on a tea party and have everyone wear white gloves and the right would still say the feminazis are on the march.’
    • ‘The friendship started, of all places, at a tea party at the principal's house.’
    • ‘But the annual tea party to reunite former residents and their families has been brought to an end after 12 years.’
  • 2

    (also Tea Party)
    A US political movement that emerged from a series of conservative protests against the federal government in 2009.


    With allusion to the Boston Tea Party.