Meaning of teabag in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːbaɡ/


  • A small porous sachet containing tea leaves or powdered tea, on to which boiling water is poured in order to make a drink of tea.

    ‘Pour 1 cup of boiling water over a tea bag and steep, covered, for 15 minutes.’
    • ‘Enjoying tea involves far more than just boiling water, adding a tea bag and gulping.’
    • ‘Mullen is lean and balding, favors tight, short-sleeved shirts, and can usually be found steeping a tea bag in hot water.’
    • ‘She placed the tea bag into the water and pushed it to the bottom of the cup with her spoon, turning the water dark brown.’
    • ‘They're round, square or pyramid-shaped, but surely a tea bag should be T-shaped - a branding dream, simple.’
    • ‘She reached around into a cupboard behind her and grabbed a tea bag, dispensing it into the scalding water.’
    • ‘Connie asked to have whatever would be the least trouble, and ended up with a tea bag and a microwaved cup of water.’
    • ‘He poured equal amounts of hot water into the mugs and stuck a tea bag in each.’
    • ‘She peered over his shoulder as she grabbed a tea bag.’
    • ‘She fished out a cup, a bag of sugar, and a tea bag.’
    • ‘These farms could have a small processing plant on site which could take the dry ingredients and put them in a form familiar to the patients who use traditional healers: in other words, the humble tea bag.’
    • ‘The tea bag is fished out from the first ‘brewing’ mug, and placed in the bottom of the empty ‘warm’ mug, where a small splash of milk is poured over it.’
    • ‘Russell, who in his tea-drinking pomp would get through 20 cups a day, used to dip the tea bag in once, add plenty of milk, then hang it on a nail ready for subsequent use.’
    • ‘The pile of Earl Grey on the left comes from a tea bag.’
    • ‘Place the tea bag on the eyes for ten minutes or more.’
    • ‘For puffiness, place a wet tea bag over your eyes (uh, close 'em first) for 10 minutes.’
    • ‘These are contained within a retrievable tea bag.’
    • ‘After his request for a cup of tea fell on deaf ears, by way of protest, he is reported to have sent a cross letter to Central Office with a tea bag attached.’
    • ‘But he just sat gazing down at the message on his tea bag: Marriage is when there are two bodies but only one soul.’
    • ‘I never have supplies of anything in preparation for running out of it, and consequently visitors to my flat huddle in partial darkness, sharing a tea bag.’