Meaning of teachable moment in English:

teachable moment


  • An event or experience which presents a good opportunity for learning something about a particular aspect of life.

    ‘this should be a teachable moment to anyone who thinks that their work computers are not being tracked’
    • ‘Clearly, a patient who presents with a sunburn provides an excellent "teachable moment."’
    • ‘Such powerful narratives can produce very useful, teachable moments in the classroom.’
    • ‘There are opportunities for teachable moments in a residency program to emphasize the role of science in solving clinical problems.’
    • ‘Look for opportunities to provide teachable moments where your experience can enhance another's learning.’
    • ‘Explaining that the editors would not be punished for their sins, a board member said, "It was a teachable moment."’
    • ‘He couldn't pass roadkill without stopping and bringing it into class for the teachable moment.’
    • ‘Quick to spot the teachable moment, she is equally admired for her open door and her sense of humour.’
    • ‘The "teachable moment" for patients who misuse alcohol has been estimated at two days after they pitch up in the emergency department.’
    • ‘In others, you will be confronted with a "teachable moment" when the student is ready to learn and is asking pointed questions.’
    • ‘Keep maps and globes around for "teachable moments" such as pointing out where Japan is when kids are watching the latest Japanese cartoon.’