Meaning of teacherage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːtʃərɪdʒ/


North American
  • A house or lodgings provided for a teacher by a school.

    ‘One storyline details Blanche's experiences living in teacherages associated with one-room schools.’
    • ‘First, they wanted more security at the teacherages and a guarantee against further unlawful entries.’
    • ‘Any maintenance required on the teacherage units is carried out by the Board's maintenance staff.’
    • ‘The Northern Store is more accessible for teachers since the teacherages are close to the store.’
    • ‘Many teachers of that time had to live with area families so this teacherage was considered to be a luxury.’
    • ‘It is also the only property of the four Wake County teacherages constructed with Craftsman detailing.’
    • ‘Accommodations are available for a nominal fee in on-site teacherages with internet and telephone access.’
    • ‘The addition and teacherage were dedicated in a service held in the gym on December 7, 1986.’
    • ‘A teacherage was where the teachers could live; today we would probably call it an apartment house.’
    • ‘More than twenty-two of the teachers who lived in the teacherage married local guys.’
    • ‘In 1960 when the teacherage was moved to Bellis, an organization called the Victoria Community Centre was organized.’
    • ‘The old Tin Cup school was brought in and converted to another teacherage, which has since been sold and moved.’
    • ‘The following year a new teacherage was built and a two-room school was completed.’
    • ‘She returned to the teacherage, and began to gather empty containers from the cupboard.’
    • ‘The teacherage is restored with donations and it houses the Florissant Heritage Museum.’
    • ‘For example, one of these problems is the teacherages at Smith Lake Elementary.’
    • ‘Apr 1938 they passed a motion to purchase a teacherage from the Crescent Mine with the moving and repairing to be done by the families of the students.’
    • ‘The division leases teacherages on the basis of the type of residence and square footage from approximately $350.00 to $550.00 per month.’
    • ‘Wiring of the school and teacherages will be started Monday.’
    • ‘The school, teacherages and health station and 70 percent of the community also have a piped sewage collection system.’