Meaning of Teachta Dála in English:

Teachta Dála

nounplural noun Teachtai/-ti/

(also TD)
  • (in the Republic of Ireland) a member of the Dáil or lower house of Parliament.

    ‘In collaboration with Teachtai Dála and Senators of all parties and none, I have successfully achieved amendments to Bills in both Houses of the Oireachtas.’
    • ‘Martin Cullen is a Teachta Dála for Waterford and is currently the Minister for Transport.’
    • ‘The 166 members of the Dáil are known as Teachtai Dála or TDs and are elected from multi-seat constituencies using the PR-STV system.’
    • ‘A member of Dáil Éireann is known as Teachta Dála - usually shortened to TD - which means ‘Deputy of the Dáil’ in English.’
    • ‘The electorate in the Republic of Ireland elect Teachta Dála (TDs - Dáil Deputies; members of Dáil Éiraeann) to represent them in the Irish Parliament.’


Teachta Dála

/ˌtjɒxtə ˈdɔːlə/ /ˌtʲaxtə ˈdɑːlə/