Meaning of team building in English:

team building


mass noun
  • The action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation.

    ‘companies are starting to turn to arts-based training programmes as a way of team building and improving morale’
    ‘for managerial roles important skills include leadership, team building, project management, and problem solving’
    as modifier ‘a weekend of team-building exercises’
    • ‘Students have reported more equitable share of work and higher perceived levels of team skills following a course in team building.’
    • ‘I winced as I heard about his bizarre team-building exercises.’
    • ‘We do a lot of team building, and it brings them together fast.’
    • ‘"Young companies are often very happy to spend unbelievable amounts of time and money on team-building events that have no cost benefit whatsoever," she says.’
    • ‘I view community service as team building that always produces rewards that exceed the investment.’
    • ‘While the events are good for team-building, the planning process itself is what keeps cliquishness at bay, says the company's CEO.’
    • ‘Having the hog roast, rewarding productivity gains, and the fun things for employees are great for team building.’
    • ‘"It's a good team-building exercise when you have the new staff person and the senior partner painting something together," he says.’
    • ‘We consider team-building activities to be as important as training sessions in our company.’
    • ‘The programme teaches team-building, positive thinking, goal-setting, and study skills.’