Meaning of tear away in English:

tear away

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phrasal verb

  • tear oneself awayoften with negative Leave despite a strong desire to stay.

    ‘she couldn't tear herself away from the view’
    • ‘If you just can't tear yourself away, consider staying for dinner in the Ahwahnee Dining Room (jackets required).’
    • ‘I tore myself away for a moment to find the remote control.’
    • ‘So, I finally tore myself away from the newspaper.’
    • ‘I tore myself away from the little screen to make some effort at getting my notes together for my class.’
    • ‘Reluctantly, I tore myself away from the computer and went into the bedroom.’
    • ‘I tore myself away from the desk this morning and went to watch my girls swim.’
    • ‘Finally, she tears herself away from her cartoons long enough to remember our drinks.’
    • ‘It was quite a difficult job tearing myself away but I got a bad score on British History so I had a small tantrum and gave up.’
    • ‘I suppose you can tear yourself away between the end of a panel and the beginning of a tea…’
    • ‘It's messy and scary, but you can't tear yourself away.’