Meaning of tear someone/something to shreds in English:

tear someone/something to shreds


  • Criticize someone or something aggressively.

    • ‘a defence counsel would tear his evidence to shreds’
    • ‘In all the years I have attended, I have never seen a lecturer torn to pieces like that.’
    • ‘For Kierkegaard, the god torn to pieces is Christ, a transcendent God who has come down into the world.’
    • ‘All because of a bold and sporty declaration by Sobers for which he was torn to pieces by the press.’
    • ‘There's a moment where everyone is just deconstructing the song, tearing it to pieces, which was the point of what we were doing this time.’
    • ‘How do you get to the point where you can create something without wanting to tear it to pieces five seconds later?’
    • ‘There is almost nobody in this town who is not tearing him to pieces, said a congressional aide.’
    • ‘The next quarter Cupido came on and went absolutely ga-ga and tore the opposition to pieces.’
    • ‘In this country we tend to either over praise someone, before knocking them down, or we just tear them to pieces straight away.’
    • ‘I suspect that every Opposition MP would give his or her eye teeth at the moment to listen in on a Labour Party caucus that is tearing itself to pieces.’