Meaning of tech-savvy in English:


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  • Well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers.

    • ‘today's tech-savvy consumers’
    • ‘kids are pretty tech-savvy these days’
    • ‘The next generation of tech-savvy business owners will gain their first exposure to technology at home.’
    • ‘Even for tech-savvy entrepreneurs, the requested upgrades are seldom quick or painless.’
    • ‘These days, even the tiniest of tykes is tech-savvy.’
    • ‘Its cafes attract young, affluent, tech-savvy customers – exactly the sort of people who made that boom take off.’
    • ‘Librarians are tech-savvy, human search engines who are highly skilled at finding information.’
    • ‘If you are tech-savvy, a computer and a scanner will allow you to store many of your important papers electronically.’
    • ‘Up until now, the Web was skewed toward upper-income, tech-savvy people.’
    • ‘Children often operated computer mouses for their less tech-savvy parents as the two sat together at computers.’
    • ‘How do you even begin to figure out what's interesting to today's media- and tech-savvy kids?’
    • ‘Our survey audience is a tech-savvy crowd, so it's not shocking that two techie gadgets dominate this list.’