Meaning of tech wreck in English:

tech wreck


  • A collapse in the price of shares in high-tech industries.

    • ‘Microsoft survived the tech wreck and did so with aplomb’
    • ‘Though the tech wreck shook many corporate giants, it remains a viable industry for the entrepreneur.’
    • ‘The tech wreck and telecom debt disaster continued this week.’
    • ‘The tech wreck went from bad to worse and lasted longer than he guessed.’
    • ‘The glut of financing which continued during that period culminated in the tech wreck of early 2000.’
    • ‘As the leader in the PC market, they seemed immune to the global tech wreck.’
    • ‘The party didn't cause the tech wreck, but politicians have contributed to an unstable business environment.’
    • ‘After the tech wreck last month, investors are paying attention to earnings again.’
    • ‘The tech wreck has undoubtedly slowed any online evolution in journalism.’
    • ‘The final tech wreck was sorted out at last today.’
    • ‘We survived through the tech wreck of the 2000s and diversified our offerings to include hard drive upgrade kits, external portable hard drives, and optical drives.’