Meaning of techie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɛki/

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nounplural noun techies

(also techy)
  • A person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing.

    • ‘Usually, only more hardcore computer techies are up to the challenge.’
    • ‘The techies may well actively resist bad technology with good sales that the executives force down their throats.’
    • ‘Constant turnover is the rule, as techies go where the coolest technology or most lucrative stock options are.’
    • ‘Remember, they are techies and used to the hand-eye coordination of computer games.’
    • ‘As a techie myself, I know that technology is a siren call to be explored and fiddled with.’
    • ‘Just on the off chance that any regular reader happens to be a techy - could anyone offer a suggestion, or even better give me a hand?’
    • ‘Those techies produced the first versions of the captivating game.’
    • ‘I've been locked in a room for 12 months with nothing but geeks and techies for company.’
    • ‘Web logs, for techies, for the media, or just for fun, now number in the millions.’
    • ‘Yeah, I'm sure the techies out there may think I am strange when I say I don't love laptops.’
    • ‘Smart younger people are techies almost by definition, and this is reflected in what they watch and read as well.’
    • ‘It's a marvelous idea, with a huge buzz among techies since its first public release earlier this week.’
    • ‘Power-hungry techies will find this open source aggregator more to their liking.’
    • ‘Yeah, I know it is no big deal to you techies, but for non-geek me, it is an achievement.’
    • ‘He has also come up with what he calls a Holiday Garment, ideal for travelling techies.’
    • ‘Today, it is the city of young and upwardly mobile techies who enrich the local economy.’


1960s from tech+ -ie. First recorded as a US slang term for a technical college student, the word was later used as British service slang, denoting a technician. The current sense dates from the 1980s.