Meaning of technical area in English:

technical area


  • A designated area around a team's dugout, from where a coach or manager may give instructions to players on the field.

    ‘During the semi-final against Portugal, Fats spent much of the game standing outside his technical area in a strop.’
    • ‘To Hendrie, pacing animatedly in the technical area, the goal was a shocker.’
    • ‘Still, Falkirk manager McCall advanced a few steps in his technical area to jab a questioning finger at his defensive charges.’
    • ‘A fourth official would be better employed trackside with a TV monitor rather than jostling with coaches over toeing the line in the technical area.’
    • ‘Fergie was soon prowling the technical area, berating his players, the erratic linesman, the referee - anyone who came within hairdryer range.’