Meaning of Teddy boy in English:

Teddy boy

Pronunciation /ˈtɛdɪ bɔɪ/

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  • (in the 1950s) a young man of a subculture characterized by a style of dress based on Edwardian fashion (typically with drainpipe trousers, bootlace tie, and hair slicked up in a quiff) and a liking for rock-and-roll music.

    ‘Even in the area of alternative fashion in the post 1945 period, the world of Teddy boys, mods and rockers, hippies, punks, new Romantics, and so on, the driving force has been a masculine one.’
    • ‘I was never a Teddy boy but it was the era of Teddy boys.’
    • ‘This might be before Teddy boys, which would make the writer at least 60.’
    • ‘They wore Teddy boy suits, sang Dicky Valentine and played a bit of classical and they did all right.’
    • ‘This vital information arrived as Alan, looking like a cross between a wild Irish Teddy boy and Brendan Behan, hopped from the taxi to have a word with the club bouncers.’


From Teddy, pet form of the given name Edward (with reference to Edward VII's reign).