Meaning of teensy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtiːnzi/

adjectiveadjective teensier, adjective teensiest

  • Tiny.

    • ‘a teensy bit of custard powder’
    • ‘Paige groaned, looking at her stomach critically, which had expanded a tiny, teensy bit; not bad at all, but she was ashamed of her unfit body.’
    • ‘It probably comes down to a single line of code somewhere with a teensy tiny almost insignificant bug in it.’
    • ‘They're like a teensy tiny version of a normal cigarette lighter.’
    • ‘She was being ridiculous, isolating him like this, all because of one teensy tiny stupid little question that he wished he'd never asked!’
    • ‘Her smile wavered a teensy bit, the kind of tiny movement that I had learnt to determine in Ali's smiles.’
    • ‘Let's be frank here, and maybe just a teensy bit callous.’
    • ‘I borrowed Sue's knitted flower pattern and added a few more stitches to make it a teensy bit bigger.’
    • ‘But the Postal Service viewed the matter with a teensy bit more urgency.’
    • ‘I am a teensy bit nervous about the food situation, however.’
    • ‘Like all mothers, though, she sees you as her little girl growing up, and it's making her a teensy bit nervous.’
    • ‘She looks at me as if I'm a teensy bit slow on the uptake.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the anger was short-lived and a teensy bit of paranoia set in.’
    • ‘You couldn't blame me for being a teensy bit apprehensive, could you?’
    • ‘I'm just a teensy bit worried that they may have security set up as I doubt I'm the only one who's had that idea.’
    • ‘Now that is a teensy bit different from your average enterprise software company.’
    • ‘A moment later, I was back upstairs and applying a teensy bit of makeup - light coat of mascara, tasteful smidge of eyeliner, and some lip gloss.’
    • ‘But maybe he could just be a teensy bit more helpful.’
    • ‘Okay, I think I'm getting a teensy bit carried away, but no more.’
    • ‘I glanced at Jeff, who was staring straight ahead, looking a teensy bit pale.’
    • ‘And I think it's safe to say he earns a teensy bit more money than you do.’
    minute, small-scale, scaled-down, mini, baby, toy, pocket, fun-size, petite, dwarfish, knee-high, miniature, minuscule, microscopic, nanoscopic, infinitesimal, micro, microscale, diminutive, pocket-sized, reduced, Lilliputian


Mid 19th century (originally US dialect): probably an extension of teeny.